Why should one choose ScholarSYS ?

Multicolumn Combo

bulletAll Related Informations in a single window bulletSearch out any information from any column bulletArrange ascending or descending bulletGroup by any column data and then arrange and search

Date Time Control

bulletAutofilling date time control bulletAutomatically Fills the month or year part if left blank bulletValidates Indian/British Date Formats

Popup List

bulletData bound entry grid with import from other databases bulletEasy Grouping, Sorting and searching features bulletCustomizable Layout and font settings


bulletLive Camera Interaction bulletDropdown Images or choose location

Multicolumn Selection Combo

bulletMake any combination of column data bulletAll Related Informations in a single window bulletSearch out any information from any column bulletArrange ascending or descending bulletGroup by any column data and then arrange and search

Unit Box

bulletMultiple unit with different ratios bulletEnter quantities of any related unit bulletAutomatic convertion of units according to demand

Most User Friendly Entry Forms

bulletTabbed Form handlers to keep many forms opened together bulletOptions to create new entries from existing ones bulletEasy searching and customization of form layouts

Managable Reports !

bulletManagable Reports ! An extremely rich and exclusive feature of STC products bulletExperience the wonders of data mining and generate the reports with a limit of only the sky bulletMake as much as different reports and save them on your desired way

Customizable Print Forms

bulletGet your every printable forms designed in your own fashion and style bulletYou have the complete freedom to decide how your receipts or invoices should be bulletAdd your own changes to the designs as and when required

Administrate your users with maximum security and minimal efforts

bulletPowered with security levels to define user wise view/add/modify/delete for each option bulletFurther time wise restrictions can also be set bulletSecurity levels applied on managable reports, so that the junior staff would not cross the limits

Module wise Features

Student Information & Administration
Personal & General Informations, Health records, achievements, grouping & grading and student accounts.

Fee Collection & Outstanding
User defined fee heads receipt modes, student and non student receipts. Monthly, bi monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually or Installment based dues and receipts.

Examination, Result Publishing and Analysis
Any number of exams(class tests, unit tests, etc) can be created .Simplified mark entry forms help teachers to enter the marks in few minutes. Results can be made available online for the evaluation by parents and management.
CBSE CCE Results, ICSE Results, All State Board Examination Results, Everything possible in a single software!!!

Staff Administration, Payroll & statutory Records
Information about teaching and non-teaching staff. User defined salary structure and tax structure. Calculation of taxes, PF, etc and salary generation. Registers like Bonus, PF, Taxes, etc. Salary Slips, Bank transfer letters, etc.

Transportation & Route Tracking
Pick-up drop facility can be availed for any duration in the session. User can create Vehicles and Routes as per their needs. Vehicle wise maintenance and costing available.

Time Table Generation
'ScholarSYS' will simultaneously generate the timetable for teachers and class/Sections considering all possibilities, preferences. Once generated, user can also fine-tune it by editing.

Financial Accounting
'ScholarSYS' has a Complete Financial Accounting software built in it. Having entire accounting features in it, 'ScholarSYS' generates all types of account books, Trial balance, Income & Expenditure Statement, Balance sheet, etc. User can print vouchers also.

Stores & Inventory Management
'ScholarSYS' controls the inventory and also it handles Purchase Orders, Material Receipts, Rejections, Scraps, etc. It can provide you department wise stock even for previous date also. Rate and availability of items supplied by vendors also can be retrieved.

Library Management
Library Module of 'ScholarSYS' is quiet easy and fast in issuing and receiving books. Reports available includes issues and returns over a period of time. Wide and advanced searching facilities and Cover-page scanning are also key features of the software.

Point of Sale
'ScholarSYS' has a Point of Sale module, which manages the operation of cafeteria, laundry, stationary stores etc. Software provides credit facility also to selected students and staff. Reports generated from this module includes, sales report over a period of time, credits and credit settlements over a period of time, etc.

ScholarSYS has extremely rich features like advanced search capabilities, customizable entry screens, easy- to-use reporting wizards, a customizable menu and seamless integration with MS office. Even the most change-resistant users will find that ScholarSYS saves them time and effort at every step of operation because of many advanced tools and 'Never Before User Controls'. Customizable menu for each user and user group help administrator to control the security measures effortlessly.
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